Livraison gratuite lycopène soft capsule de renforcer l'immunité de 60 pcs

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Nom de produit: le Lycopène Soft Capsule spécifications du Produit: 5000*60 comprimés la dose Recommandée: deux fois par jour, deux fois chaque fois durée de vie: 24 mois la Santé de la fonction: renforcer l'immunité

  • La Certification: CFDA
  • L'emballage: Bouteille
  • Nom Du Département: Adulte
  • La Durée De Vie: 24 Mois
  • Charge De L'Unité De: Bouteilles
  • Sexe: Les HOMMES
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Le Nom De La Marque: CN Santé
  • Poids: 0.2

Janine Sanne
Good product
The goods meet the description, efficiency and biological activity of this lycopine will check, compare with the Puritan's Pride licopine, but I do not think that Chinese manufacturers have the meaning of deceiving the buyer, in the end, everything is reduced to the quality of extraction and lycopene drying, by itself lycopene is natural antioxidant, And here it is most concerned about its effectiveness and beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system rather than on libido (B this part of testosterone is all over the head, I'm sorry), in particular to the work of the heart muscle, well, as they say "we will look"
I recommend the seller, the product corresponds to the description.

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