MERRYS Photochromiques Série 1.56 1.61 1.67 Prescription CR-39 Résine Asphérique verres de Lunettes Myopie Lunettes de soleil de Lentille

Mots-clés: déclaration de lunettes de soleil, Saab 9 5, lentille, alliage de lunettes de vue hommes, fonex femmes, le verre de la myopie, ensemble de lentilles de contact, colnels lunettes de soleil, l'egypte lentes, oakley lunettes de soleil.

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1.56 Lentilles Asphériques suggestion puissance: SPH: -0.50 ~ -4.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 SPH: +0.50~+4.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 1.61 Lentilles Asphériques suggestion puissance: SPH: -0.50 ~ -6.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 SPH: +4.00~+6.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 1.67 Lentilles Asphériques suggestion puissance: SPH: -3.00 ~ -8.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 SPH: +3.00~+8.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00

  • Type D'Élément: Lunettes Accessoires
  • Lunettes Accessoires: Lentilles
  • Optique type:
  • Lentilles Optiques Attribut: Photochromiques
  • Le Nom De La Marque: JOYEUX DE L'
  • Revêtement: HMC
  • Matériel De Lentilles: CR-39
  • Sexe: Les HOMMES
  • Numéro De Modèle: MERRYS Photochromiques de la Série

Alla Ivanovskaya
Ordered 11 November, made on strength with photochromic lenses and sent 24 November December-received in Customs Schiedam en 4 December and customize on 11 December delivered to me. Here the seller can do nothing. Good service, good touch. Prompt and comprehensive info on all questions. Very patiently. Sent out quickly. Cute glasses. The colors are pretty clear, good variofocus with your filter response. Thx
One eye does not see, threw off the recipe, do not bother and put just glass. Photochromic may vary slightly. In the rest it is quite comfortable, the glasses are satisfied.
Aleksey Agaev 96
Супер очки ,хорошее качество ,заказывала со стёклами фотохром
Excellent photochromic lenses, clear, do not distort, do not cause discomfort, usually it takes me some time to get used to new lenses, this did not even arise here, photochromic effect shows up quickly, for some time remains in the room, the transition to the usual state is gradual. In the usual state of the lens have a light barely noticeable grayish shade, with a photochromic effect, a beautiful shade of gray. Fully corresponds to the photo and description of the seller. I ordered together with the frame, the seller inserted the lenses in my recipe, the quality of the work is excellent, at US in optics sometimes a lot worse will do, here just to find fault with nothing. Comes in full set: branded packaging, in a box with a logo, in a protective bag, with a quality cover, a napkin for care. In short, the service is at a high level. Delivery is fast enough, ordered July 19, received August 11. Everything came whole, without damage. Be sure to order more glasses from this seller, I highly recommend!
P Vijay1975
Surprisingly, almost perfect. The only thing, without fitting, the shape of the lenses was slightly different than that of past glasses with an almost identical frame, and the field of view narrowed slightly. The work of photochromic lenses will check tomorrow, but the anti-glare coating is exactly there, and the index of these lenses is exactly above the previous ones-he. Significantly thinner and lighter (for the visibility of photos of old and new glasses "in profile"). The frame also looks like titanium, almost weightless and unbent. Delivery-on the 16th day after placing the order (in Novosibirsk).

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